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Adding fonts to theme - font license? Jos Buivenga,

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+@charset "utf-8";
+/* $Id: fix-ie.css,v 2008/11/28 06:14:30 andregriffin Exp $ */
+ * Drupal 6 Framework - Created by Andre Griffin
+ * For Internet Explorer 7 and under
+ */
+/*	A font by Jos Buivenga (exljbris) ->
+	-
+	Fontis Sans. An excellent font (with compatible licence!)
+	Direct link: */
+@font-face {font-family: "Fontin Sans";src: url(fonts/Fontin_Sans_SC_45b.otf) format("opentype");
+  font-variant: small-caps;} 				/* Small caps first for Firefox 3.5 workaround, see "Bug in Firefox 3.5" above. */
+@font-face {font-family: "Fontin Sans";src: url(fonts/Fontin_Sans_I_45b.otf) format("opentype");;
+  font-style: italic;}
+@font-face {font-family: "Fontin Sans";src: url(fonts/Fontin_Sans_B_45b.otf) format("opentype");
+  font-weight: bold;}
+@font-face {font-family: "Fontin Sans";src: url(fonts/Fontin_Sans_BI_45b.otf) format("opentype");
+  font-style: italic;
+  font-weight: bold;}
+@font-face {font-family: "Fontin Sans";src: url(fonts/Fontin_Sans_R_45b.otf);
+  font-weight:normal;
+  font-style:normal;}
+@font-face { /* bruce */
+  src: url(fonts/Fontin_Sans_B_45b.otf) format("opentype");
+  font-family: "Fontin Sans Bold";
+/* Because we've added variants in the @font-face above, we can just specify the font-family and it works!
+	Headers get special text-rendering set for extra quality, kerning & ligatures. Only Gecko 1.9 (Firefox3+).
+	See also:
+header { font-family: "Fontin Sans", Candara, "Tahoma", sans-serif; }
+body {
+  color: #222;
+  font: 90% Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; /* 75% */
+.block h3, h2 { font-size: 1.5em; }
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