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E-Access Bulletin

Build status: Travis-CI

E-Access Bulletin

"E-Access Bulletin is a free, monthly, text-only email newsletter on technology access by those with disabilities and older people."

"news and research on technology for the blind and visually impaired"

"a free, independent monthly e-mail newsletter on information technology issues for people with visual impairment and blindness."

Dan Jellinek.

perl/        -- Web site/bulletin build scripts.
eab_base/    -- E-Access Bulletin HTML templates.
eab/         -- Public Bulletin Web site.
eab/issues/  -- Bulletin archive, by year.
ten/         -- Text Email Newsletter Standard (TEN).

In memory of Dan … Dan Jellinek 1968 — 2015

E-Access Bulletin Live

People power: a user's guide to UK democracy / Dan Jellinek

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