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Popup Dictionary plugin

Patrick Thibaudeau's "Pop up Dictionary" filter/block plugin for Moodle 1.8 or later (currently not 2.0).

A code-repository does not appear to be at <> or elsewhere. 
(A short-term fork, I hope!)

* See <>

* Prevent PHP notices in Moodle developer mode ("trying to get property of non-object..") - handle false return from get_record() calls.
* Some usability and accessibility improvements (tooltip for filter-output, <label> in admin forms).

* More usability and accessibility improvements.
* Make installation easier, so you don't have to insert javascript reference in theme!
* Make installation easier (2), so you don't have to copy to filter and blocks directories.
* Port to Moodle 2.0.
* More separation of business logic from presentation (see blocks/...html files).
* Fix indentation.
* Merge with the 'official' code/ download, wherever it is.

Dictionary plugin. Copyright (c) 2008 Patrick Thibaudeau.

* License: <> (to check)
* About and code: <>

Modifications. Nicholas Freear <>