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Moodle 2 Standard/ HTML5 theme - README.

These are the things that the theme implements:

* config.php: Sets $THEME->parents and $THEME->rendererfactory (clever!)
* layout/general.php, layout/frontpage.php: Hotlink to Remy Sharp's html5shiv, on Google Code.
* layout/general.php, layout/frontpage.php: Use new HTML5 landmark elements <header>, <nav> and <footer>.
* style/core.css: Re-applying some 'standard' styles which are 'lost'; overriding others (colour contrast, etc.)

Acknowledgements: thanks to the developers of the Moodle 2 theme/renderer system that allows neat overriding!

Theme. Copyright 2010 Nicholas Freear.
* License <>

html5shiv. Copyright 2010 Remy Sharp.
* <>
* License <>