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Fixing trackoer_show_embed site Javascript - call within $document.ready

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 $.log = function(ob){if(typeof console!=='undefined'){console.log(arguments)}};
-/* OER Form - extended.
+	/* OER Form - extended.
+	*/
 	function trackoer_form() {
 		$('#ga-ac').attr('class', $('input[name=sv]:checked').val() == 'ga' ? 'show' : 'hide');
 		$.log('#sv-ga change..');
+	trackoer_show_embed();
 /* Make every test License-tracker code clickable. A click reveals the code-snippet.
-(function trackoer_show_embed(){
+function trackoer_show_embed(){
 	var elem_code = $('#cc-code')
 		, area_id = 'copy-me-js'
 		, dl = document.location
 	if (dl.hash.indexOf(area_id) != -1) {;
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