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Bootstrapping an Elexis build

Using Mercurial SubRepositories I was able to find quite a painless way howto setup a workspace and to build an Elexis version from scratch.

I am mostly interested in building under Linux (especially Debian). Patches to make it work on other OS/distributions are welcome! The following Debian packages (beside a working Eclipe installation) are needed.

If you want to add some more repositories, simply a file privateRepos.rb with a content like this:

HgRepos << '’

setup on Linux (Debian)

sudo aptitude install texlive texinfo texlive-latex-extra texlive-lang-german

Then there is the file floatflt.sty missing, which was expelled from Debian as being not free enough.

The following steps solve this problem:

cd floatflt
latex floatflt.ins
sudo mkdir /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/misc/
sudo cp floatflt.sty /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/misc/
sudo texhash

(adapted from

setup on Windows

building on linux

The steps to follow are simple:

hg clone
cd elexis-bootstrap
./gen_repo myRepo
cd myRepo
cd elexis-base/Build
ant -Dos=linux linux doc javadoc

building on Windows

hg clone
cd elexis-bootstrap
ruby gen_repo.rb —branch 2.1.5.x .
echo ,elexis-privatrechnung2,elexis-artikel-oesterreich >skipPlugins.add
ruby prepareJenkins.rb
cd elexis-base\buildElexis
ant -Dos=windows windows doc javadoc

That’s it.