Nicolas Grilly committed 807c92a

Remove class method Part.from_fp and directly call the constructor instead

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     # Read all parts
     while True:
-        part = entity.part_class.from_fp(entity.fp, ib)
+        part = entity.part_class(entity.fp, ib)
         if part.fp.done:
     Python's standard library.
-    def __init__(self, fp, headers, boundary):
+    def __init__(self, fp, boundary):
+        headers = self._read_headers(fp)
         Entity.__init__(self, fp, headers)
         self.boundary = boundary
         self.file = None
         self.value = None
-    def from_fp(cls, fp, boundary):
+    def _read_headers(self, fp):
         headers = httputil.HeaderMap()
         while True:
                 v = ", ".join((existing, v))
             headers[k] = v
-        return cls(fp, headers, boundary)
-    from_fp = classmethod(from_fp)
+        return headers
     def read_lines_to_boundary(self, fp_out=None):
         """Read bytes from self.fp and return or write them to a file.
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