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Using Ant-based Algorithm for Graph Coloring problems

This project uses a heuristic ant-based algorithm for the (classic) Graph Coloring problem and several of its generalizations, namely the Bandwidth Coloring, Multi Coloring, and Bandwidth Multi Coloring problems.

Code is written in C/C++ and released under the BSD license.


Clone the code hg clone ssh://

Classic Graph Coloring

$ cd Classic/src
$ g++ -std=c++11  -o classic
$ ./classic ../examples/DSJC125.1.col.b 1  #optional -D DB : turn on debugging and output sol to sol.txt
nthreads: 1 colors: 5 vertices: 125 edges: 736 bestCycle: 160 seed: 1

In the above example, ../examples/DSJC125.1.col.b is the input graph in DIMACS binary format, and the [optional] integer 1 is the seed. The result colors: 5 indicates this graph can be colored using 5 colors.


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