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This project implements an Ant-based algorithm to find a maximum clique from a given graph. It can be used w\ith a compiler (e.g. GCC or Intel Compiler suite) that supports Open MP for parallelism.

Additional information can be found from these papers: * Bui, T., T. Nguyen, and J. Rizzo, “Parallel Shared Memory Strategies for Ant-Based Optimization Algorithms\ ”, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), 2009


The source code of this program is released under the BSD license and can be downloaded using the command hg clone

This code is written in C++ and can be compiled using GCC, e.g., gcc . The program has been tested using the following setup: Debian Linux GNU C++ Compiler


Other related information Converter: convert from Dimacs binary to ascii and vice versa Benchmark graphs: * Papers: see these papers in my publication section