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 Transifex Command-Line Tool

Check back later for content here! Until then, please visit:


You can install the latest version of transifex-client running 
``pip install transifex-client`` or ``easy_install transifex-client``
You can also install the `in-development version`_ of transifex-client with
``pip install transifex-client==dev`` or ``easy_install transifex-client==dev``.

.. _in-development version:


To create a new release:

1. Update local rep and update the version in ````.

  $ hg pull -u
  $ vim

2. Test::

  $ python clean sdist
  $ cd dist
  $ tar zxf ...
  $ cd transifex-client

3. Package and upload on PyPI::

  $ python clean sdist bdist_egg upload
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