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 tip (development version)
+No changes yet.
+1.1 (2010-08-09)
 * webhelpers.paginate:
   - Remove stray Routes import. (Other conditional Routes imports remain for

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 <p>WebHelpers is a wide variety of utility functions for web applications and
 other applications. It can be used with any web framework.  <strong>Version
-1.0</strong> was released 2009-06-01, and contains many enhancements compared
-to 0.6.4 while remaining compatible.  See <a href="whats_new.html">What's
-New</a> for a list of changes in 1.0 and upgrading hints.  (The helpers
+1.1</strong> was released 2009-08-09.  See <a href="whats_new.html">What's
+New</a> for a list of changes and upgrading hints.  (The helpers
 deprecated in 0.6 are removed in 1.0, including the entire rails suite.)</p>
 <p>WebHelpers includes the widely-used HTML tag builder with smart escaping and

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 in boldface;** these may require modifying your application.  See `Changelog
 <changelog.html>`_ for the full changelog.
+Version 1.1
+    **The ``_jsmin`` module was removed due to a licensing issue.** (Fedora
+    could not distribute it due to a non-free clause in the license.) **To
+    minify Javascript, you must install the external "jsmin" package from
+    PyPI.** Otherwise the helper will pass Javascript through unchanged
+    and issue a warning. CSS minification is not affected.
 Version 1.0