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change feed template names and minor improvements

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 class BaseRssEntriesFeed(Feed):
     description = _('Latest entries on Weblog')
-    title_template = 'feeds/diario_title.html'
-    description_template = 'feeds/diario_description.html'
+    title_template = 'diario/entry_feed_title.html'
+    description_template = 'diario/entry_feed_description.html'
     def title(self):
         if not hasattr(self, '_site'):
             return reverse('diario-author-entry-list',
         except NoReverseMatch:
-            pass
+            try:
+                return reverse('diario-entry-list')
+            except NoReverseMatch:
+                pass
     def item_pubdate(self, entry):
         return entry.pub_date
 class BaseAtomEntriesFeed(BaseRssEntriesFeed):
     feed_type = Atom1Feed
     subtitle = BaseRssEntriesFeed.description
+    def get_query_set(self):
+        raise NotImplementedError


+{{ obj.body|safe }}


+{{ obj.title|safe }}


-{{ obj.body|safe }}


-{{ obj.title|safe }}
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