Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Niall Napier avatarNiall Napier
Initial version of the Pentaho DI cookbook.
Default avatar William McVey
Stripped the -r (for specifying a particular reference) off the clone and pull commands. This way, we pull down the full repo and then update the the right version. (Otherwise, clone -r would only give you a partial repository, that notably would be missing the specified tag.)
Joe Passavanti avatarJoe Passavanti
allow for multiple calls to hg per run
Niall Napier avatarNiall Napier
Switched directory update permissions to command update permissions as directory will not recursively apply permission changes. Also added option to set the chmod mode.
Niall Napier avatarNiall Napier
Split commands into separate execute statements as expected by chef. Chef was silently failing before and not pulling/updating changes.
Niall Napier avatarNiall Napier
Added owner and group properties to the hg cookbook.
Niall Napier avatarNiall Napier
Initial version of the Hg cookbook.
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