This file contains instructions for building and installing the TagMyBits 

Library files are found in ./lib
API documentation in ./doc
Source files are in ./src and ./web

This project uses an Ant file to build and deploy the project.


(c) Copyright, All Rights Reserved

This framework was developed as the implementation for my fourth year honours 
project and as such is supplied under copyright until the completion of my 


Before compiling you should make any required changes to 
src/com/tagmybits/ such as the default admin password.

You MUST change the settings in src/hibernate.cfg.xml to ensure the system can
connect to your database, assuming you are happy with MySQL these are:

<!-- database server and name -->
<property name="connection.url">jdbc:mysql://localhost/tagmybits</property>
<!-- database username -->
<property name="connection.username">tmb</property>
<!-- database password -->
<property name="connection.password">monkey013</property>

To compile the framework, run the command:

ant compile

===CMS Deployment===

These instructions assume that you are running Tomcat Java application server.

To create a web archive containing the framework, libraries and content 
management system run the command:

ant deploy

This will create a file called tagmybits.war

Copy this file to your web application directory, typically 
/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ if your webserver is set to autodeploy web archives 
the content management system will now be available at the server's web address.

Before the content management system can be used it must be initialised.

===CMS Initialisation===

The CMS system must be initialised before it can be used.

An sql file has been provided for this. This uses the default configuration 
values specified in src/com/tagmybits/

To initialise the database use the command:

ant initialise


You can then use the mysql command prompt to import this base data, such as:

mysql -u root tagmybits < cms.sql