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added script to automatically update bitbucket

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+# Transfer emacs from savannah bzr repo to bitbucket
+# There are a number of import repos here:
+#   bzrrepos/emacs/trunk   - the local copy of the savannah bzr repo containing emacs
+#   emacs-hg               - the local conversion of the local bzr repo
+#   emacs                  - a clone of local emacs-hg with default location being bitbucket
+bzr pull -d ~/bzrrepos/emacs/trunk
+hg convert -s bzr ~/bzrrepos/emacs/trunk ~/emacs-hg/
+hg -R ~/emacs pull ~/emacs-hg
+hg -R ~/emacs push ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/nic/emacs
+# End