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Richard M. Stallman  committed 00e57c8

(x_window): With Motif, double extra_borders.
Use a preprocessor conditional to test for Motif.

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     f->output_data.x->menubar_height = menubar_size;
+#ifndef USE_LUCID
     /* Motif seems to need this amount added to the sizes
        specified for the shell widget.  The Athena/Lucid widgets don't.
        Both conclusions reached experimentally.  -- rms.  */
-    if (!strcmp (lwlib_toolkit_type, "motif"))
-      XtVaGetValues (f->output_data.x->edit_widget, XtNinternalBorderWidth,
-		     &extra_borders, NULL);
+    XtVaGetValues (f->output_data.x->edit_widget, XtNinternalBorderWidth,
+		   &extra_borders, NULL);
+    extra_borders *= 2;
     /* Convert our geometry parameters into a geometry string
        and specify it.