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Update info about DJGPP.

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 as asynchronous subprocesses that depend on multitasking will not
 work.  Synchronous subprocesses do work.
-The current version of djgpp 2.0 (as of August 1996) has two bugs that
-affect Emacs.  We've included corrected versions of two files from
-djgpp in the msdos subdirectory: is_exec.c and sigaction.c.  To work
-around the bugs, compile these files and link them into temacs.  The
-next version of djgpp should have these bugs fixed.
+Version 2.0 of djgpp has two bugs that affect Emacs.  We've included
+corrected versions of two files from djgpp in the msdos subdirectory:
+is_exec.c and sigaction.c.  To work around the bugs, compile these
+files and link them into temacs.  Djgpp version 2.01 have these bugs
+fixed, so upgrade if you can before building Emacs.