Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen  committed 421d4b1

Clarify auth-source in conjuction with smtpmail in NEWS.

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+2011-12-10  Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen  <>
+	* NEWS: Mention auth-source twice in connection with smtpmail to
+	clarify that smtpmail uses auth-source.
 2011-11-20  Bill Wohler  <>
 	Release MH-E version 8.3.1.
 case you won't see any difference.  But if you changed it to be a list
 of user names and passwords, that setting is now ignored; you will be
 prompted for the user name and the password, which will then be saved
-to ~/.authinfo.
+to ~/.authinfo.  (To control where and how the credentials are stored,
+see the auth-source manual.  You may want to change the auth-source
+preferences if you want to store the credentials encrypted, for
 You can also manually copy the credentials to your ~/.authinfo file.
 For example, if you had