Richard M. Stallman  committed 7584a51

(x-handle-args): Stop arg processing
if we encounter "--", and preserve all remaining args.

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File lisp/term/x-win.el

   ;; We use ARGS to accumulate the args that we don't handle here, to return.
   (setq x-invocation-args args
 	args nil)
-  (while x-invocation-args
+  (while (and x-invocation-args
+	      (not (equal (car x-invocation-args) "--")))
     (let* ((this-switch (car x-invocation-args))
 	   (orig-this-switch this-switch)
 	   completion argval aelt handler)
 		(funcall handler this-switch))
 	    (funcall handler this-switch))
 	(setq args (cons orig-this-switch args)))))
-  (nreverse args))
+  (nconc (nreverse args) x-invocation-args))
 ;; Standard X cursor shapes, courtesy of Mr. Fox, who wanted ALL of them.