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(INSTALL_STRIP): New variable.
(install-strip): Set INSTALL_STRIP, not INSTALL_PROGRAM.
(install-arch-dep): Use INSTALL_STRIP, and pass it to lib-src.

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+# By default, we uphold the dignity of our programs.
 # ============================= Targets ==============================
 	(cd lib-src; \
 	  $(MAKE) install $(MFLAGS) prefix=${prefix} \
 	    exec_prefix=${exec_prefix} bindir=${bindir} \
-	    libexecdir=${libexecdir} archlibdir=${archlibdir})
-	${INSTALL_PROGRAM} src/emacs ${bindir}/emacs-${version}
+	    libexecdir=${libexecdir} archlibdir=${archlibdir} \
+	${INSTALL_PROGRAM} $(INSTALL_STRIP) src/emacs ${bindir}/emacs-${version}
 	-chmod 1755  ${bindir}/emacs-${version}
 	rm -f ${bindir}/$(EMACS)
 	-ln ${bindir}/emacs-${version} ${bindir}/$(EMACS)
 ### Build Emacs and install it, stripping binaries while installing them.
 ### Build all the directories we're going to install Emacs in.	Since
 ### we may be creating several layers of directories (for example,
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