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* lisp/calendar/holidays.el (calendar-check-holidays): Doc fix.

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+2011-10-04  Glenn Morris  <>
+	* calendar/holidays.el (calendar-check-holidays): Doc fix.
 2011-10-04  Martin Rudalics  <>
 	* window.el (window--delete): New function.


 (defun calendar-check-holidays (date)
   "Check the list of holidays for any that occur on DATE.
-The value returned is a list of strings of relevant holiday descriptions.
-The holidays are those in the list `calendar-holidays'."
+DATE is a list (month day year).  This function considers the
+holidays from the list `calendar-holidays', and returns a list of
+strings describing those holidays that apply on DATE."
   (let ((displayed-month (calendar-extract-month date))
         (displayed-year (calendar-extract-year date))
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