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* lisp/pcmpl-gnu.el (pcomplete/make): Also allow filename arguments.

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+2011-12-06  Stefan Monnier  <>
+	* pcmpl-gnu.el (pcomplete/make): Also allow filename arguments
+	(bug#10116).
 2011-12-06  Glenn Morris  <>
 	* emacs-lisp/package.el (package-archives): Doc fix re riskiness.


   "Completion for GNU `make'."
   (let ((pcomplete-help "(make)Top"))
     (pcomplete-opt "bmC/def(pcmpl-gnu-makefile-names)hiI/j?kl?no.pqrsStvwW.")
-    (while (pcomplete-here (pcmpl-gnu-make-rule-names) nil 'identity))))
+    (while (pcomplete-here (completion-table-in-turn
+                            (pcmpl-gnu-make-rule-names)
+                            (pcomplete-entries))
+                           nil 'identity))))
 (defun pcmpl-gnu-makefile-names ()
   "Return a list of possible makefile names."
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