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 To save disk space, Emacs is built with the idea that you will execute
 it from the same place in the file system where you built it.  As the
 /usr/local/ subtree does not exist on most MSDOG systems, the
-executables are placed in /emacs/bin/.
+executables might be placed in /emacs/bin/, for instance, in which
+case there should also be /emacs/lisp, /emacs/info and /emacs/etc
+directories.  In general, with the default path handling, the etc/,
+info/ and lisp/ directories are expected to exist in ../ relative to
+the directory containing the executing binary.  This behaviour can be
+overridden by setting the HOME environment variable to the directory
+containing lisp/ etc.
 MSDOG is a not a multitasking operating system, so Emacs features such
 as asynchronous subprocesses that depend on multitasking will not