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File make-dist

 	      nt nt/inc nt/inc/sys nt/inc/arpa nt/inc/netinet nt/icons \
 	      `find etc lisp -type d` \
 	      doc doc/emacs doc/misc doc/man doc/lispref doc/lispintro \
-	      test test/automated test/cedet test/cedet/tests test/indent \
 	      info m4 msdos \
 	      nextstep nextstep/Cocoa nextstep/Cocoa/Emacs.base \
 	      nextstep/Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents \
  ln ChangeLog* *.1 ../../${tempdir}/doc/man
  cd ../../${tempdir}/doc/man)
-echo "Making links to \`test'"
-(cd test
- ln *.el ChangeLog README ../${tempdir}/test)
-echo "Making links to \`test/automated'"
-(cd test/automated
- ln *.el Makefile.in ../../${tempdir}/test/automated)
-echo "Making links to \`test/cedet'"
-(cd test/cedet
- ln *.el ../../${tempdir}/test/cedet)
-echo "Making links to \`test/cedet/tests'"
-(cd test/cedet/tests
- ln *.c *.[ch]pp *.el *.hh *.java *.make ../../../${tempdir}/test/cedet/tests)
-echo "Making links to \`test/indent'"
-(cd test/indent
- ln *.m *.mod *.prolog Makefile ../../${tempdir}/test/indent)
 ### It would be nice if they could all be symlinks to top-level copy, but
 ### you're not supposed to have any symlinks in distribution tar files.
 echo "Making sure copying notices are all copies of \`COPYING'"