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File make-dist

 echo "Creating subdirectories"
-for subdir in lisp lisp/term site-lisp \
+for subdir in lisp lisp/term lisp/language site-lisp \
 	      src src/m src/s src/bitmaps lib-src oldXMenu lwlib \
 	      nt nt/inc nt/inc/sys nt/inc/arpa nt/inc/netinet \
 	      etc etc/e lock cpp info man msdos vms; do
  ln README ../../${tempdir}/lisp/term
  rm -f =* TAGS)
+echo "Making links to \`lisp/term'"
+### Don't distribute =*.el files or TAGS.
+(cd lisp/language
+ ln [a-zA-Z]*.el ../../${tempdir}/lisp/language
+ ln [a-zA-Z]*.elc ../../${tempdir}/lisp/language
+ rm -f =* TAGS)
 echo "Making links to \`src'"
 ### Don't distribute =*.[ch] files, or the configured versions of
 ### config.in, paths.in, or Makefile.in, or TAGS.