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Glenn Morris
Add 2011 to FSF/AIST copyright years.
Glenn Morris
Add 2010 to copyright years.
Glenn Morris
(INFO_FILES): Add edt.
Glenn Morris
(INFO_FILES): Add semantic.
Glenn Morris
(install-arch-indep): Use a more restrictive Makefile pattern, so as not to exclude makefile*.el. (Bug#4912)
Juanma Barranquero
Glenn Morris
(install-arch-indep): Don't recursively change perms of site-lisp and infodir. There may be non-Emacs files in here, and the files supplied by Emacs are all handled explicitly already. (Bug#3800) (mkdir): Set umask to world-readable before creating directories. mkinstalldirs already checks if dirs exist, don't duplicate this test.
Glenn Morris
Glenn Morris
(info-real): Don't ignore errors from doc Makefiles. (info): Don't give an error in the absence of makeinfo - let the doc Makefiles do that, if the info files need rebuilding. (Bug#3982)
Ken Raeburn
* (install-arch-indep): If the versioned DOC-#### generated during loadup+dump isn't found, install the plain DOC file that always gets generated, in case CANNOT_DUMP is set.
Seiji Zenitani
* (install-arch-indep): Remove .DS_Store files (MacOSX).
Chong Yidong
* (install-arch-dep): Avoid using $$(..) construct, for Solaris compatibility. * leim/ (install): Avoid using $$(..) construct, for Solaris compatibility.
Andreas Schwab
(install-arch-indep): Remove .gitignore files.
Glenn Morris
(INFO_FILES): Add auth.
Stefan Monnier
(src): Fix last change so the first `cd' doesn't affect the second.
Stefan Monnier
(lib-src, lisp): Use simpler rule. (src): Be more specific to avoid recompiling all the .elc files just because the bootstrap-emacs is missing.
Glenn Morris
Add 2009 to copyright years.
Jan Djärv
(install-arch-dep): Remove old directories in ns_app* before moving new directories there.
Glenn Morris
(uninstall): Use a narrower range of wildcards when deleting the icons.
Glenn Morris
(uninstall): Remove desktop file and icons, game scores if empty.
Glenn Morris
(manext): Remove variable. (MAN_PAGES): New variable. (install-arch-indep, uninstall): Use MAN_PAGES for list of files to add and remove.
Glenn Morris
(install-arch-indep): Add new man-pages.
Dan Nicolaescu
* (install-arch-indep): Install ebrowse.1. * ebrowse.1: New file, mostly just the results of --help in man format.
Eli Zaretskii
(INFO_FILES): Remove ns-emacs.
Romain Francoise
(INFO_FILES): Add mairix-el.
Dan Nicolaescu
Remove support for Mac Carbon. * mactoolbox.c: * macterm.h: * macterm.c: * macselect.c: * macmenu.c: * macgui.h: * macfns.c: * mac.c: Remove file. * s/darwin.h: * m/intel386.h: * xfaces.c: * xdisp.c: * window.c: * tparam.c: * termhooks.h: * termcap.c: * term.c: * syssignal.h: * sysselect.h: * sysdep.c: * process.c: * lread.c: * lisp.h: * keyboard.c: * image.c: * fringe.c: * frame.h: * frame.c: * fontset.c: * font.h: * font.c: * fns.c: * fileio.c: * emacs.c: * dispnew.c: * dispextern.h: * * atimer.c: * Remove code for Carbon * erc.el: Remove code for Carbon. Remove support for Mac Carbon. * term/mac-win.el: Remove file * international/mule-cmds.el: * version.el: * startup.el: * simple.el: * mwheel.el: * mouse.el: * loadup.el: * isearch.el: * info.el: * frame.el: * faces.el: * disp-table.el: * cus-start.el: * cus-face.el: * cus-edit.el: * Remove code for Carbon. Remove support for Mac Carbon. * makefile.…
Adrian Robert
fix typo with info installation under NS
Adrian Robert
remove need for nextstep/compile for NS build; also, add NEWS entry about the port
Adrian Robert
merging (NeXTstep port)
Stefan Monnier
* (Makefile): Use it for its timestamp value as well, and make it depend on all other */.in files. (src/Makefile, src/config.stamp, lib-src/Makefile) (doc/emacs/Makefile, doc/misc/Makefile, doc/lispref/Makefile) (doc/lispintro/Makefile, oldXMenu/Makefile, lwlib/Makefile) (leim/Makefile, lisp/Makefile): Remove those overlapping targets. (leim, ${SUBDIR}, blessmail): Only depend on Makefile now. * Don't create src/config.stamp any more.
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