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Glenn Morris
(oldXMenu): Remove Imakefile. (etc/images): Add README.
Glenn Morris
Add 2007 to copyright years.
Glenn Morris
Update copyright years.
Chong Yidong
* make-dist: Add makefile.w32-in to the man, lispref and lispintro directories.
Make links to mac/make-package and mac/
Paul Eggert
* etc/NEWS: In terminal-oriented subshells, the EMACS environment variable now defaults to Emacs's absolute file name, instead of to "t". * etc/PROBLEMS: Adjust tcsh advice for this. * make-dist (EMACS): Exit and fail if the EMACS environment variable is set to something other than an absolute file name. * lisp/comint.el (comint-exec-1): Set EMACS to the full name of Emacs, not to "t". * lisp/progmodes/compile.el (compilation-start): Likewise. * lisp/progmodes/i…
Romain Francoise
(top-level): Add CONTRIBUTE.
Ramprasad B
Updated copyright year(s)
Romain Francoise
Add etc/images/icons.
Bill Wohler
Moved all remaining images from lisp/toolbar to etc/images, moved lisp/toolbar/tool-bar to lisp and "deleted" lisp/toolbar. The low resolution images were placed in their own directory (low-color). Replaced underscore (_) in filenames with dash (-) per convention * make-dist: Create and populate etc/images/low-color. * admin/FOR-RELEASE (DOCUMENTATION): Removed lisp/toolbar from list since it's gone. Also marked mh-e as done. * lisp/toolbar/attach.*, lisp/toolbar/cancel.*, lisp/toolbar/close.*: * lisp/toolbar/copy.*, lisp/toolbar/cut.*, lisp/toolbar/diropen.*: * lisp/toolbar/exit.*, lisp/toolbar/help.*, lisp/toolbar/home.*: * lisp/toolbar/index.*, lisp…
Bill Wohler
Create and populate etc/images/gud.
Richard M. Stallman
(tempparent): Don't check for 14-char file name limit.
Romain Francoise
Add etc/images/ezimage and etc/images/mail directories. Install images in etc/images.
Paul Eggert
Merge gnulib getopt implementation into Emacs. * (AUTOCONF_INPUTS): New macro. ($(srcdir)/configure, $(srcdir)/src/ Depend on it, so that these files also depend on m4/getopt.m4. * Configure getopt by including m4/getopt.m4, and configuring a getopt replacement if necessary. * make-dist: Add m4 subdirectory. Unlink lib-src/getopt.h. * m4/getopt.m4: New file. * lib-src/ (mostlyclean): Remove ge…
Lute Kamstra
Update FSF's address.
Eli Zaretskii
Remove references to makefile.nt and makefile.def. Include widgets and images subdirectories of etc. Do not exclude ldefs-boot.el.
Lute Kamstra
Distribute all ChangeLog files in lisp/. Don't distribute ldefs-boot.el. lisp/makefile.nt no longer exists.
Lute Kamstra
Don't use DONTCOMPILE from lisp/; check for "no-byte-compile: t" in the file instead.
Kenichi Handa
Link leim-ext.el into tempdir.
Eli Zaretskii
Don't link index.*perm and permute-index into tempdir.
Richard M. Stallman
(lispref): Do include lispref/index.texi.
Jason Rumney
2004-01-06 Eric Hanchrow <> (tiny change) * make-dist (tempdir): Include cursors in nt/icons
Miles Bader
Add arch taglines
Juanma Barranquero
Trailing whitespace deleted.
Pavel Janík
Do not distribute lock/ directory.
Pavel Janík
lwlib/Imakefile is removed.
Andrew Choi
Patch for building Emacs on Mac OS X. April 26, 2002. See ChangeLog, lisp/ChangeLog, and src/ChangeLog for list of changes.
Pavel Janík
lwlib-Xol* are removed.
Andreas Schwab
Run autoheader if necessary.
Paul Eggert
Port to POSIX 1003.1-2001, which doesn't allow "head -1". "sed q" is a portable equivalent to plain "head -1".
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