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In addition to the folks listed in ../AUTHORS responsible for GNU Emacs itself,
the NeXTstep port owes to the following people:

Carl Edman
    original author and maintainer, mainly UI
Michael Brouwer
    heavy contributor, input handling and other areas
Christian Limpach
    help / maintenance on NeXTstep
Scott Bender
    OpenStep, Rhapsody ports
Christophe de Dinechin
    MacOS X port
Adrian Robert
    GNUstep port*, update Emacs 20 -> 21+

Joe Reiss
    popup menu, dialog boxes; icons
Andrew Athan
    font panel integration
Scott Byer
    improved rendering code
Scott Hess
    keyboard handling suggestions

Rahul Abrol
    "hide others" patch
Adam Ratcliffe
    preferences panel documentation
Peter Dyballa
    assistance with non-ASCII rendering and keyboard handling
David M. Cooke
    fix to XPM crash bug
Carsten Bormann
    initial patch and assistance getting dired working for non-ASCII filenames
Andrew Moore
    assistance on ns-mark-nav extension

The GNUstep port was made possible through the assistance of Adam Fedor, Fred
Kiefer, M. Uli Klusterer, Alexander Malmberg, Jonas Matton, and Riccardo