emacs / nextstep / ChangeLog

2008-08-20  Adrian Robert  <>

	* GNUstep/Emacs.base/Resources/Info-gnustep.plist: Update URLs.
	* GNUstep/Emacs.base/Resources/emacs.tiff: Update to copy of:
	../../../Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/Emacs.icns 64 size.

2008-07-27  Adrian Robert  <>

	* DEV-NOTES: New file.

2008-07-22  Seiji Zenitani  <>

	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Info.plist: Import document icon settings
	and minor configurations from Carbon port.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/PkgInfo: Change CFBundleSignature to 'EMAx'.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/document.icns: New file:
	copied from Carbon port.

2008-07-21  Chong Yidong  <>

	* README: Consolidate credits.  Copyedits.

2008-07-19  Adrian Robert  <>

	* FOR-RELEASE: Updates.

2008-07-19  Adrian Robert  <>

	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/Emacs.icns: Update with latest
	from mac/

2008-07-17  Adrian Robert  <>

	* README.txt:
	* compile: Remove.
	* INSTALL: New files.
	* FOR_RELEASE: Updated.

2008-07-15  Adrian Robert  <>

	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/Credits.html: Change URL from to

2008-07-15  Adrian Robert  <>

	* FOR-RELEASE: Remove historical info.

2008-07-15  Adrian Robert  <>

	New directory with support files to support NeXTstep window system.

	* AUTHORS: New file: contributor information for NS port.
	* ChangeLog.nextstep: New file: changelog info to be added to
	various directories on merge.
	* ChangeLog: New file: recent history of the NS port itself.
	* Cocoa: New directory: support files for building .app
	package on OS X systems.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base:
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents: New directories.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Info.plist:
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/PkgInfo: New files.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources: New directory.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/Credits.html: New file:
	About popup support.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/Emacs.icns: New file:
	copied from Carbon port.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/English.lproj: New directory.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings:
	New file.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/preferences.nib: New directory.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/preferences.nib/classes.nib:
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/preferences.nib/info.nib:
	* Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/preferences.nib/keyedobjects.nib:
	New files.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.xcodeproj: New directory: build support.
	* Cocoa/Emacs.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: New file.
	* GNUstep: New directory: support files for building .app
	package on GNUstep systems.
	* GNUstep/Resources: New directory.
	* GNUstep/Resources/Emacs.desktop:
	* GNUstep/Resources/Info-gnustep.plist:
	* GNUstep/Resources/emacs.tiff: New files.
	* GNUstep/Resources/preferences.gorm: New directory.
	* GNUstep/Resources/preferences.gorm/data.classes:
	* GNUstep/Resources/preferences.gorm/
	* GNUstep/Resources/preferences.gorm/objects.gorm: New files.
	* compile: New file: utility script for building
	* FOR_RELEASE: New file: release tasks specific to NeXTstep port.
	* README.txt: New file: descriptive info for NeXTstep port.

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