1. Nic Ferrier
  2. emacs


emacs / make-dist

# make-dist: create an Emacs distribution tar file from the current
# source tree.	This basically creates a duplicate directory
# structure, and then hard links into it only those files that should
# be distributed.  This means that if you add a file with an odd name,
# you should make sure that this script will include it.


# Exit if a command fails.
# set -e

# Print out each line we read, for debugging's sake.
# set -v


while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
  case "$1" in
    # This option tells make-dist not to delete the staging directory
    # after it's done making the tar file.
    "--no-clean-up" )
    # This option tells make-dist not to make a tar file.  Since it's 
    # rather pointless to build the whole staging directory and then
    # nuke it, using this option also selects '--no-clean-up'.
    "--no-tar" )
    # This option tells make-dist to make the distribution normally, then
    # remove all files newer than the given timestamp file.  This is useful
    # for creating incremental or patch distributions
    * )
      echo "${progname}: Unrecognized argument: $1" >&2
      exit 1

# Make sure we're running in the right place.
if [ ! -d src -o ! -f src/lisp.h -o ! -d lisp -o ! -f lisp/version.el ]; then
  echo "${progname}: Can't find \`src/lisp.h' and \`lisp/version.el'." >&2
  echo "${progname} must be run in the top directory of the Emacs" >&2
  echo "distribution tree.  Cd to that directory and try again." >&2
  exit 1

# Find out which version of Emacs this is.
version=`grep 'defconst[	 ]*emacs-version' lisp/version.el \
	 | sed -e 's/^.*"\([0-9][0-9]*\.[0-9][0-9]*\)\..*$/\1/'`
if [ ! "${version}" ]; then
  echo "${progname}: can't find current emacs version in \`./lisp/version.el'." >&2
  exit 1

# Make sure the subdirectory is available.
if [ -d ${tempparent} ]; then
  echo "${progname}: staging directory \`${tempparent}' already exists.
Perhaps a previous invocation of \`${progname}' failed to clean up after
itself.  Check that directories whose names are of the form
\`make-dist.tmp.NNNNN' don't contain any important information, remove
them, and try again." >&2
  exit 1

echo "Creating staging directory: \`${tempparent}'"
mkdir ${tempparent}

# This trap ensures that the staging directory will be cleaned up even
# when the script is interrupted in mid-career.
if [ "${clean_up}" = yes ]; then
  trap "echo 'Interrupted...cleaning up the staging directory.'; rm -rf ${tempparent}; exit 1" 1 2 15

echo "Creating top directory: \`${tempdir}'"
mkdir ${tempdir}

# We copy in the top-level files before creating the subdirectories in
# hopes that this will make the top-level files appear first in the
# tar file; this means that people can start reading the INSTALL and
# README while the rest of the tar file is still unpacking.  Whoopee.
echo "Making links to top-level files." 
ln ChangeLog Makefile.in build-install.in configure make-dist ${tempdir}
# Copy these files; on the GNU machines, at least, they are symbolic
# links to files on another file system, so we can't make a hard link
# to it.  Eech.
cp config.sub ${tempdir}

echo "Creating subdirectories."
for subdir in lisp lisp/term local-lisp external-lisp \
	      src src/m src/s lib-src oldXMenu \
	      etc lock arch-lib cpp info man shortnames vms; do
  mkdir ${tempdir}/${subdir}

echo "Making links to \`lisp'."
# Don't distribute =*.el files, site-init.el, site-load.el, or default.el.
(cd lisp
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.el ../${tempdir}/lisp
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.elc ../${tempdir}/lisp
 # simula.el doesn't keep abbreviations in simula.defns any more.
 # ln [a-zA-Z]*.defns ../${tempdir}/lisp
 ln ChangeLog README ../${tempdir}/lisp
 cd ../${tempdir}/lisp
 rm -f site-init site-init.el site-init.elc
 rm -f site-load site-load.el site-load.elc
 rm -f default default.el default.elc)

echo "Making links to \`lisp/term'."
# Don't distribute =*.el files.
(cd lisp/term
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.el ../../${tempdir}/lisp/term
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.elc ../../${tempdir}/lisp/term
 ln README ../../${tempdir}/lisp/term)

echo "Making links to \`external-lisp'."
# Don't distribute =*.el files.
(cd external-lisp
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.el ../${tempdir}/external-lisp
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.elc ../${tempdir}/external-lisp
 ln ChangeLog README ../${tempdir}/external-lisp)

echo "Making links to \`src'."
# Don't distribute =*.[ch] files, or the configured versions of
# config.h.in, paths.h.in, or Makefile.in.
(cd src
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.c ../${tempdir}/src
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.h ../${tempdir}/src
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.s ../${tempdir}/src
 ln README Makefile.in ymakefile ChangeLog config.h.in paths.h.in \
 ln .gdbinit .dbxinit ../${tempdir}/src
 ln *.com *.opt vms-pp.trans vmsbuild ../${tempdir}/src
 cd ../${tempdir}/src
 rm -f config.h paths.h Makefile
 if [ -z "${newer}" ]; then
   etags *.h *.c ../lisp/*.el

echo "Making links to \`src/m'."
(cd src/m
 ln README *.h ../../${tempdir}/src/m)

echo "Making links to \`src/s'."
(cd src/s
 ln README *.h ../../${tempdir}/src/s)

echo "Making links to \`lib-src'."
(cd lib-src
 ln [a-zA-Z]*.[chy] [a-zA-Z]*.lex [a-zA-Z]*.com ../${tempdir}/lib-src
 ln ChangeLog Makefile.in README testfile vcdiff rcs2log ../${tempdir}/lib-src
 ln emacs.csh ../${tempdir}/lib-src
 cd ../${tempdir}/lib-src
 rm -f getdate.c getdate.tab.c y.tab.c y.tab.h)

echo "Making links to \`oldXMenu'."
(cd oldXMenu
 ln *.c *.h ../${tempdir}/oldXMenu
 ln README Makefile Imakefile ChangeLog ../${tempdir}/oldXMenu)

echo "Making links to \`etc'."
# Don't distribute DOC files, backups, autosaves, or tex litter.
(cd etc
 ln [0-9a-zA-Z]* ../${tempdir}/etc
 cd ../${tempdir}/etc
 # Avoid an error when expanding the wildcards later.
 for dummy in DOC-dummy dummy~ \#dummy\# dummy.dvi dummy.log; do
   ln MACHINES ${dummy}
 rm -f DOC* *~ \#*\# *.dvi *.log core)

# For now, we comment these out, since I'm not changing them any.
#!! echo "Making links to \`cpp'."
#!! (cd cpp
#!!  ln cccp.c cexp.y Makefile README ../${tempdir}/cpp)
#!! echo "Making links to \`info'."
#!! # Don't distribute backups or autosaves.
#!! (cd info
#!!  ln [a-zA-Z]* ../${tempdir}/info
#!!  cd ../${tempdir}/info
#!!  # Avoid an error when expanding the wildcards later.
#!!  ln emacs dummy~ ; ln emacs \#dummy\#
#!!  rm -f *~ \#*\# core)
#!! echo "Making links to \`man'."
#!! (cd man
#!!  ln *.tex *.texinfo *.texi *.aux *.cps *.fns *.kys *.vrs ../${tempdir}/man
#!!  ln *.c ../${tempdir}/man
#!!  ln ChangeLog Makefile README split-man ../${tempdir}/man)

echo "Making links to \`shortnames'."
(cd shortnames
 ln *.c ../${tempdir}/shortnames
 ln Makefile reserved special ../${tempdir}/shortnames)

echo "Making links to \`vms'."
(cd vms
 ln [0-9a-zA-Z]* ../${tempdir}/vms
 cd ../${tempdir}/vms
 rm -f *~)

echo "Making sure copying notices are all symlinks to \`etc/COPYING'."
rm -f ${tempdir}/etc/COPYING
cp etc/COPYING ${tempdir}/etc/COPYING
for subdir in lisp external-lisp src lib-src info shortnames; do
  if [ -f ${tempdir}/${subdir}/COPYING ]; then
    rm ${tempdir}/${subdir}/COPYING
  ln -s ../etc/COPYING ${tempdir}/${subdir}

if [ "${newer}" ]; then
  echo "Removing files older than $newer."
  # We remove .elc files unconditionally, on the theory that anyone picking
  # up an incremental distribution already has a running Emacs to byte-compile
  # them with.
  find ${tempparent} \( -name '*.elc' -o ! -newer ${newer} \) -exec rm -f {} \;

if [ "${make_tar}" = yes ]; then
  echo "Creating tar file."
  (cd ${tempparent}; tar cvf - ${emacsname}) | compress > ${emacsname}.tar.Z

if [ "${clean_up}" = yes ]; then
  echo "Cleaning up the staging directory."
  rm -rf ${tempparent}

# make-dist ends here