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This is a list of known problems to date with the Windows NT/95 port of
GNU Emacs.

* Handle wildcards in ls-lisp (e.g., C-x d *.c).

* Interactive subprocess output is buffered in jerky

* Presently, C:\foo\bar and C:/foo/bar bring up two buffers on the same file.
  Solve this by adding a switch that canonicalizes path separators
  (e.g., make them all / or all \)?

* call-process-region: Another tricky situation with binary and text modes.
  An example by use crypt++ to load compressed
  data into a buffer, edit the buffer, save the data back out.  (Also
  need to propagate the "/C" switch change sent the shell in crypt++.el
  back to the author.)

* Dired uses ls-lisp, which reports all files as being owned by the
  current user.  Need to dig through the security descriptor to extract
  the owner of the file (and the group?) using LookupAccountSid.

* Integrate the build for NT into the GNU config process once
  a decent shell becomes freely available

* Integrate networking.

* Fix Win95 subprocesses.