emacs / admin / FOR-RELEASE

Tasks needed before the next release.


** Manuals
Check cross-references between the manuals (eg from emacs to elisp)
are correct.  You can use something like the following in the info
directory in the Emacs build tree:

emacs -Q --eval "(setq Info-default-directory-list '(\".\"))" \
  -f info-xref-check-all

make emacs.dvi, elisp.dvi, and deal with any errors (undefined
references etc) in the output.  Break any overfull lines.
Underfull hboxes are not serious, but it can be nice to get rid of
them if a simple rephrasing or rearrangement will work.

Update the master menu and detailed menu (eg the antinews version).
The command texinfo-multiple-files-update can do this, but you
probably want to apply the results selectively (eg the current master
menu has better line-breaks than the automatic version).  It includes
the menu-entry name (if there is one) as well as the node name - using
only the latter looks better.  Also, it doesn't seem to handle nested
includes, so will miss edebug.texi etc.

Check for widow and orphan lines in the printed manual; make sure all
the pages really look ok in the manual as formatted.  Orphans/widows
are cases where the first/last line of a paragraph is on its own at
the end/start of a page, or where the last word in a paragraph is on
its own at the start of a line.  It looks better if you reword/respace
things to avoid these.  (AFAIK, there is no way to find these except
paging through the whole manual.)  This should be the very last thing
you do, since any change can alter the layout.

** Check the keybindings in the refcards are correct, and add any new ones.
Regenerate the pdf versions in etc/refcards/.
What paper size are the English versions supposed to be on?
On Debian testing, the packages texlive-lang-czechslovak and
texlive-lang-polish will let you generate the cs-* and sk-* pdfs.
The Makefile rules did not work for me, I had to use something like:
csplain -output-format=pdf cs-refcard

** Ask maintainers of refcard translations to update them.

Emacs 22 translators:

LANG	Translator            Status
cs	Pavel Janík           
de	Sven Joachim          
fr	Eric Jacoboni         
pl	Włodek Bzyl           
pt-br	Rodrigo Real          
ru	Alex Ott              
sk	Miroslav Vaško        

** Remove temporary +++/--- lines in NEWS.

** Try to reorder NEWS: most important things first, related items together.

** Consider bumping customize-changed-options-previous-release.


** Does deleting frames run Lisp code?  If so, can we get rid of that?
It is a dangerous design.

** Why were the calls to x_fully_uncatch_errors commented out in eval.c?

** rms: gnus-dired.el is a mistake.  Those features should not
be part of Gnus.  They should be moved to some other part of Emacs.
rsteib: Gnus dependencies in `gnus-dired.el' (and `mailcap.el') have been
minimized.  I don't know what is left to do here.

** Check for modes which bind M-s that conflicts with a new global binding M-s
and change key bindings where necessary.  The current list of modes:

1. Gnus binds `M-s' to `gnus-summary-search-article-forward'.

2. Minibuffer binds `M-s' to `next-matching-history-element'
   (not useful any more since C-s can now search in the history).

3. `center-line' in Text mode was already moved to the text formatting
   keymap as `M-o M-s' (thus this binding is not necessary any more
   in `nroff-mode-map' too and can be removed now from the nroff mode
   because it can now use the global key binding `M-o M-s' `center-line').

4. PCL-CVS binds `M-s' to `cvs-status', and log-edit-mode binds it to
   `log-edit-comment-search-forward'.  Perhaps search commands
   on the global key binding `M-s' are useless in these modes.

**, 30 Oct: ps-lpr-switches has no effect

Fixed by this change?

2007-11-09  Vinicius Jose Latorre  <>

	* ps-print.el: [...]
	(ps-do-despool): If ps-lpr-switches is not a list, force it to be one.

** In C, use EMACS_INT for variables and structure members
for buffer/string positions.  E.g. struct it, struct text_pos.


** Clean up references in code and documentation.

** Document new font backend

** Document XEmbed support

** Check the Emacs Tutorial.

The first line of every tutorial must begin with text ending in a
period (".", ASCII 0x2E) saying "Emacs Tutorial" in the respective
language. This should be followed by "See end for copying conditions",
likewise in the respective language.

After each file name, on the same line or the following line, come the
names of the people who have checked it.

SECTION                  READERS
etc/TUTORIAL             rgm (but see Bug#3783)
etc/          Werner Lemberg

** Check the manual.

abbrevs.texi      -- cyd
ack.texi          -- rgm
basic.texi        -- cyd
buffers.texi      -- cyd
building.texi     -- cyd
calendar.texi     -- rgm
cal-xtra.texi     -- rgm
cmdargs.texi      -- cyd
commands.texi     -- cyd
custom.texi       -- cyd
dired.texi        -- cyd
display.texi      -- cyd
emacs.texi        -- cyd
entering.texi     -- cyd
files.texi        -- cyd
fixit.texi        -- cyd
fortran-xtra.texi -- rgm
frames.texi       -- cyd
help.texi         -- cyd
indent.texi       -- cyd
killing.texi      -- cyd
kmacro.texi       -- cyd
macos.texi     -- davidswelt
maintaining.texi  -- cyd
major.texi        -- cyd
mark.texi         -- cyd
mini.texi         -- cyd
misc.texi         -- cyd
msdog.texi        -- eliz
msdog-xtra.texi   -- eliz
mule.texi         -- cyd
m-x.texi          -- cyd
programs.texi     -- cyd
regs.texi         -- cyd
rmail.texi        -- rgm
screen.texi       -- cyd
search.texi       -- cyd
sending.texi      -- rgm (maybe needs some brief mailclient.el details in
                          "Mail Sending" section?)
text.texi         -- cyd
trouble.texi      -- cyd
windows.texi      -- rudalics
xresources.texi   -- cyd

** Check the Lisp manual.

abbrevs.texi      -- cyd
advice.texi       -- cyd
anti.texi         -- cyd
backups.texi      -- cyd
buffers.texi      -- cyd
commands.texi     -- cyd
compile.texi      -- cyd
control.texi      -- cyd
customize.texi    -- cyd
debugging.texi    -- cyd
display.texi      -- cyd
errors.texi       -- cyd
eval.texi         -- cyd
files.texi        -- cyd
frames.texi       -- cyd
functions.texi    -- cyd
hash.texi         -- cyd
help.texi         -- cyd
hooks.texi        -- cyd
internals.texi    -- cyd
intro.texi        -- cyd
keymaps.texi      -- cyd
lists.texi        -- cyd
loading.texi      -- cyd
locals.texi       -- cyd
macros.texi       -- cyd
maps.texi         -- cyd
markers.texi      -- cyd
minibuf.texi      -- cyd
modes.texi        -- cyd
nonascii.texi     -- cyd
numbers.texi      -- cyd
objects.texi      -- cyd
os.texi           -- cyd
positions.texi    -- cyd
searching.texi    -- cyd
sequences.texi    -- cyd
streams.texi      -- cyd
strings.texi      -- cyd
symbols.texi      -- cyd
syntax.texi       -- cyd
text.texi         -- cyd
tips.texi         -- cyd
variables.texi    -- cyd
windows.texi      -- rudalics


** pov-mode (probably not for Emacs-23: waiting for a Free POV-Ray).
** gas-mode ?

Local variables:
mode: outline
coding: utf-8