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README for Edition 2.5 of the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.

* This directory contains the texinfo source files for the Reference
Manual, make-permuted-index, and the latest version of texinfo.tex,
which handles forms that cannot be handled by the older versions of

* Report Lisp Manual bugs to  We don't read
these bug reports until it's time for a new edition.  To report other
Emacs bugs, use  To ask questions, use the

* The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual is quite large.  It totals around
900 pages in smallbook format; the info files total almost two

* You can format this manual either for Info or for printing hardcopy
using TeX.  

* You can buy nicely printed copies from the Free Software Foundation.
For info, send mail to or phone 617-542-5942.  Buying a
manual from the Free Software Foundation helps support our GNU
development work.

** This distribution contains a Makefile that you can use with GNU Make.
Otherwise, here are detailed instructions:

** HARDCOPY: A copy of the version of `texinfo.tex' that formats this
manual is included in this distribution.

The master file for formatting this manual for Tex is called
`elisp.texi'.  It contains @include commands to include all the
chapters that make up the manual.  In addition, `elisp.texi' has
the title page in a new format designed by Karl Berry, using the
@titlespec command.

To create a DVI file with a sorted index, execute the following
commands in the shell:

% ./configure
% make index.texi
% make elisp.dvi

*** To create a DVI file with a permuted index, you may experiment
with `make-permuted-index'.  

** To make an Info file, you need to install Texinfo, then run
`./configure' and `make elisp'.  To install the Info files, run
`make install'.