emacs / etc / TODO


If you are ready to start working on any of these TODO items, we
appreciate your help; please write to so we can be
aware that the problem is being addressed, and talk with you how to do
it best.  Since Emacs is an FSF-copyrighted packages, please be
prepared to sign legal papers to transfer the copyright on your work
to the FSF.

Small but important fixes needed in existing features:

* Bring back the feature of showing the part of the buffer that is a problem
  for the use of the preferred coding systems.

* Make compile.el record the markers that point to error loci
  on text properties in the error message lines.

Important features:

* Write an INTRO_CVS file with basic instructions how to build emacs
  from CVS (make bootstrap), some information on how the config
  and build system is tied together, and all sorts of tips and tricks
  (FAQ) which may be of interest to new (and old) emacs hackers.

* Provide user-friendly ways to list all available font families,
  display a font as a sample, etc.

* Program Enriched mode to read and save in RTF.  [Is there actually a
  decent single definition of RTF?]

* Implement something better than the current Refill mode.  This
  probably needs some primitive support.

* Implement primitive and higher-level functions to allow filling
  properly with variable-pitch faces.

* Implement a smoother vertical scroll facility.

* Implement other text formatting properties.
** Footnotes that can appear either in place or at the end of the page.
** text property that says "don't break line in middle of this".
   Don't break the line between two characters that have the
   same value of this property.
** Discretionary hyphens that are not visible when they are at end of line.

* Make movemail work with IMAP.

* Internationalize Emacs's messages.

* Port Emacs to GTK+.  (Relevant work has been done already.)

* Make the Lucid menu widget display multilingual text.

* Remove the limitation that window and frame widths and heights can
  be only full columns/lines.

* Move fringe to be displayed between display margins and text area.
  [KFS is looking into this].

* Set fringe widths per-window/per-buffer.

* Make fringe bitmaps user configurable.  Maybe add ability to add
  additional bitmaps to the fringe from lisp.

Other features we would like:

* Have a command suggestion help system that recognizes patterns
  of commands which could be replaced with a simpler common command.
  It should not make more than one suggestion per 10 minutes.

* Implement a clean way to use different major modes for
  different parts of a buffer.

* Give start-process the ability to direct standard-error
  output to a different filter.

* Make desktop.el save the "frame configuration" of Emacs (in some
  useful sense).

* Give desktop.el a feature to switch between different named

* Replace finder.el with something that generates an Info file
  which gives the same information through a menu structure.  [Dave
  Love started on this.]

* Implement a variant of uncompress.el or jka-compr.el that works with
  GNU Privacy Guard for encryption.  [Code exists but isn't assigned.]

* Save undo information in files, and reload it when needed
  for undoing.

* Merge the Emacs regex.c with the Glibc regex.c.
  They split off a few years ago through negligance.

* Change the Windows NT menu code
  so that it handles the deep_p argument and avoids
  regenerating the whole menu bar menu tree except
  when the user tries to use the menubar.

  This requires the RIT to forward the WM_INITMENU message to
  the main thread, and not return from that message until the main
  thread has processed the menu_bar_activate_event and regenerated
  the whole menu bar.  In the mean time, it should process other messages.

* Get some major packages installed: W3/url (development version needs
  significant work), PSGML, Mule-UCS, Tramp (?).  Check the
  assignments file for other packages which might go in and have been

* Make keymaps a first-class Lisp object (this means a rewrite of
  keymap.c).  What should it do apart from being opaque ?
  multiple inheritance ?  faster where-is ?  no more fix_submap_inheritance ?
  what else ?

* Provide real menus on ttys.  The MS-DOS implementation can serve as
  an example how to do part of this.

* Implement popular parts of the rest of the CL functions as compiler
  macros in cl-macs.

* Highlight rectangles (`mouse-track-rectangle-p' in XEmacs).

* Support simultaneous tty and X frames.

* Provide MIME support for Rmail using the Gnus MIME library.

* Eliminate the storm of warnings concerning char/unsigned char
  mismatches that we get with proprietary compilers on various systems.
  They make it difficult to spot the important warnings.

* Fix anything necessary to use `long long' EMACS_INTs with GCC.

* Split out parts of lisp.h and generate Makefile dependencies

* Update the FAQ.

* Allow auto-compression-mode to use zlib calls if zlib is available.
  [It's required for PNG, so may be linked anyhow.]

* Add a --pristine startup flag which does -q --no-site-file plus
  ignoring X resources (Doze equivalents?) and most of the
  environment.  What should not be ignored needs consideration.

* Investigate using the language environment (or locale?) to set up
  more things, such as the default Ispell dictionary, calendar
  holidays, quoting characters?,...

* Improve the GC (generational, incremental).  (We may be able to use
  the Boehm collector.)

* Check what hooks would help Emacspeak -- see the defadvising in W3.

* Implement some variety of (non-gtk) drag-and-drop support under X.
  Using libdnd might be a good start.

* Add horizontal scroll bars.

* Provide an optional feature which computes a scroll bar slider's
  size and its position from lines instead of characters.

* Integrate Vroonhof's Custom themes code and make it do useful
  things.  [The integration is partly done.]

* Adapt the gnuserv/gnudoit features for server/emacsclient.

* Re-implement emacs-server in lisp as an internal server using
  make-network-process instead of using an external program.

* Investigate using GNU Lightning or similar system for incremental
  compilation of selected bytecode functions to subrs.  Converting CCL
  programs to native code is probably the first thing to try, though.

* Add a feature to Info similar to "info --apropos SUBJECT".

* If you do an insert-file and that file is currently modified in
  another buffer but not written yet, print a warning.

* Add support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) rendering to 

* Use the XIE X extension, if available, for image display.

* Add support for rendering antialiased text, probably using

* Rewrite make-docfile to something sane.

* Port the conservative stack marking code of Emacs' garbage collector
  to more systems, so that we can completely get rid of GCPROs.

* Reorder defcustom's in each package so that the more important
  options come first in the Customize buffers.  This could be done by
  either rearranging the file (since options are shown in the order
  they appear in the *.el files), or by adding a few :set-after

* Maybe document the features of libraries missing from the manual (or
  ancillary manuals, including the Lisp manual in some cases).
  This is not worth doing for all of these packages and we need not
  aim for completeness, but some may be worth documenting.

  Here's a list which is probably not complete/correct: align, allout,
  artist, ansi-color, array, battery, calculator, cdl, cmuscheme,
  completion, cua, delim-col, dirtrack, double, echistory, elide-head,
  easymenu, expand, flow-ctrl, format [format-alist],
  generic/generic-x [various modes], kermit, log-edit, ledit
  [obsolete?], makesum, midnight [other than in Kill Buffer node],
  mouse-copy [?], mouse-drag, mouse-sel, net-utils, rcompile,
  snmp-mode [?], soundex [should be interactive?], strokes [start from
  the web page], talk, thingatpt [interactive functions?], type-break,
  vcursor, xscheme, zone-mode [?], mlconvert [?], iso-cvt, iso-swed,
  swedish, feedmail [?], uce, bruce, gametree, meese, page-ext,
  refbib, refer, scribe, sgml-mode, spell, texinfo, underline,
  cmacexp, hideif, mantemp [obsolete?], pcomplete, assoc, xml,
  cvs-status (should be described in PCL-CVS manual); other progmodes,
  probably in separate manual.