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@c -*-texinfo-*-
@c This is part of the GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.
@c Copyright (C) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,
@c   2005, 2006, 2007  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@c See the file elisp.texi for copying conditions.
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@node Standard Buffer-Local Variables, Standard Keymaps, Standard Errors, Top
@appendix Buffer-Local Variables
@c The title "Standard Buffer-Local Variables" is too long for
@c smallbook. --rjc 30mar92
@cindex buffer-local variables, general-purpose
@cindex standard buffer-local variables

  The table below lists the general-purpose Emacs variables that
automatically become buffer-local in each buffer.  Most become
buffer-local only when set; a few of them are always local in every
buffer.  Many Lisp packages define such variables for their internal
use, but we don't try to list them all here.

  Every buffer-specific minor mode defines a buffer-local variable
named @samp{@var{modename}-mode}.  @xref{Minor Mode Conventions}.
Minor mode variables will not be listed here.

@table @code
@item auto-fill-function
@xref{Auto Filling}.

@item buffer-auto-save-file-format
@xref{Format Conversion}.

@item buffer-auto-save-file-name

@item buffer-backed-up
@xref{Making Backups}.

@item buffer-display-count
@xref{Buffers and Windows}.

@item buffer-display-table
@xref{Active Display Table}.

@item buffer-display-time
@xref{Buffers and Windows}.

@item buffer-file-coding-system
@xref{Encoding and I/O}.

@item buffer-file-format
@xref{Format Conversion}.

@item buffer-file-name
@xref{Buffer File Name}.

@item buffer-file-number
@xref{Buffer File Name}.

@item buffer-file-truename
@xref{Buffer File Name}.

@item buffer-file-type
@xref{MS-DOS File Types}.

@item buffer-invisibility-spec
@xref{Invisible Text}.

@item buffer-offer-save
@xref{Killing Buffers}.

@item buffer-save-without-query
@xref{Killing Buffers}.

@item buffer-read-only
@xref{Read Only Buffers}.

@item buffer-saved-size

@item buffer-undo-list

@item cache-long-line-scans

@item case-fold-search
@xref{Searching and Case}.

@item ctl-arrow
@xref{Usual Display}.

@item cursor-type
@xref{Cursor Parameters}.

@item cursor-in-non-selected-windows
@xref{Basic Windows}.

@item comment-column
@xref{Comments,,, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}.

@item default-directory
@xref{File Name Expansion}.

@item defun-prompt-regexp
@xref{List Motion}.

@item desktop-save-buffer
@xref{Desktop Save Mode}.

@item direction-reversed
Does not work yet.
@end ignore

@item enable-multibyte-characters
@ref{Text Representations}.

@item fill-column

@item fill-prefix

@item font-lock-defaults
@xref{Font Lock Basics}.

@item fringe-cursor-alist
@xref{Fringe Cursors}.

@item fringe-indicator-alist
@xref{Fringe Indicators}.

@item fringes-outside-margins

@item goal-column
@xref{Moving Point,,, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}.

@item header-line-format
@xref{Header Lines}.

@item indicate-buffer-boundaries
@xref{Usual Display}.

@item indicate-empty-lines
@xref{Usual Display}.

@item left-fringe-width
@xref{Fringe Size/Pos}.

@item left-margin

@item left-margin-width
@xref{Display Margins}.

@item line-spacing
@xref{Line Height}.

@item local-abbrev-table
@xref{Standard Abbrev Tables}.

@item major-mode
@xref{Mode Help}.

@item mark-active
@xref{The Mark}.

@item mark-ring
@xref{The Mark}.

@item mode-line-buffer-identification
@xref{Mode Line Variables}.

@item mode-line-format
@xref{Mode Line Data}.

@item mode-line-modified
@xref{Mode Line Variables}.

@item mode-line-process
@xref{Mode Line Variables}.

@item mode-name
@xref{Mode Line Variables}.

@item point-before-scroll
Used for communication between mouse commands and scroll-bar commands.

@item right-fringe-width
@xref{Fringe Size/Pos}.

@item right-margin-width
@xref{Display Margins}.

@item save-buffer-coding-system
@xref{Encoding and I/O}.

@item scroll-bar-width
@xref{Scroll Bars}.

@item scroll-down-aggressively
@xref{Textual Scrolling}.

@item scroll-up-aggressively
@xref{Textual Scrolling}.

@item selective-display
@xref{Selective Display}.

@item selective-display-ellipses
@xref{Selective Display}.

@item tab-width
@xref{Usual Display}.

@item truncate-lines

@item vertical-scroll-bar
@xref{Scroll Bars}.

@item window-size-fixed
@xref{Resizing Windows}.

@item write-contents-functions
@xref{Saving Buffers}.
@end table

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