emacs / src /

# DIST: This is the distribution Makefile for Emacs.  configure can
# DIST: make most of the changes to this file you might want, so try
# DIST: that first.

MAKE = make
# BSD doesn't have it as a default.

# ==================== Things `configure' might edit ====================

CPP=cc -E
LN_S=ln -s

# ============================= Targets ==============================

CPP = $(CC) -E -Is -Im
#Note: an alternative is  CPP = /lib/cpp

# Just to avoid uncertainty.
SHELL = /bin/sh


all: doall

doall: xmakefile
	$(MAKE) ${SUBMAKEFLAGS} -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} all

	rm -f temacs prefix-args xmakefile* core \#* *.o libXMenu11.a
	rm -f ../etc/DOC
clean: mostlyclean
	rm -f emacs-* emacs
#This is used in making a distribution.
#Do not use it on development directories!
distclean: clean
	rm -f paths.h config.h ../etc/DOC-*
realclean: distclean
	rm -f TAGS
	-rm -f emacs emacs-* ../etc/DOC*
extraclean: distclean
	-rm -f *~ \#* m/*~ s/*~

emacs: doemacs

doemacs: xmakefile
	$(MAKE) ${SUBMAKEFLAGS} -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} emacs

temacs: dotemacs

dotemacs: xmakefile
	$(MAKE) ${SUBMAKEFLAGS} -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} temacs

SOURCES = *.[ch] [sm]/* COPYING ymakefile \ README COPYING ChangeLog vms.pp-trans
	chmod u+w $(SOURCES)

	chmod -w $(SOURCES)
	chmod +w paths.h

### Some makes, like Ultrix's make, complain if you put a comment in
### the middle of a rule's command list!  Dummies.

### The flags for optimization and debugging depend on the
### system, so take an ordinary CFLAGS value and choose the
### appropriate CPP symbols to use in ymakefile.
### If you have a problem with cc -E here, changing
### the definition of CPP above may fix it.

# Remake xmakefile whenever we reconfigure even if config.h didn't change.
xmakefile: ymakefile config.h ../config.status
	-rm -f xmakefile junk.c junk.cpp
	cp ${srcdir}/ymakefile junk.c
	${CPP} -I. -I${srcdir} ${C_SWITCH_SYSTEM} ${CFLAGS} junk.c > junk.cpp
	< junk.cpp					\
	sed	-e 's/^#.*//'				\
		-e 's/^[ \f\t][ \f\t]*$$//'		\
		-e 's/^ /	/' 			\
		-e 's|^\(srcdir *=\).*$$|\1'"${srcdir}"'|'	\
		-e 's|^\(VPATH *=\).*$$|\1'"${srcdir}"'|'	\
	| sed -n -e '/^..*$$/p' 			\
	mv -f xmakefile
	chmod 444 xmakefile
	rm -f junk.c junk.cpp

tagsfiles = [a-z]*.h [a-z]*.c ../lisp/[a-z]*.el ../lisp/term/[a-z]*.el
TAGS: $(tagsfiles)
	etags $(tagsfiles)
tags: TAGS
.PHONY: tags
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