emacs / lwlib / lwlib.h

#ifndef LWLIB_H
#define LWLIB_H

#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

** Widget values depend on the Widget type:
** widget:   (name value key enabled data contents/selected)
** label:    ("name" "string" NULL NULL NULL NULL)
** button:   ("name" "string" "key" T/F data <default-button-p>)
** button w/menu: 
**           ("name" "string" "key" T/F data (label|button|button w/menu...))
** menubar:  ("name" NULL NULL T/F data (button w/menu))
** selectable thing:
**           ("name" "string" "key" T/F data T/F)
** checkbox: selectable thing
** radio:    ("name" NULL NULL T/F data (selectable thing...))
** strings:  ("name" NULL NULL T/F data (selectable thing...))
** text:     ("name" "string" <ign> T/F data)
** main:     ("name")

typedef unsigned long LWLIB_ID;

typedef enum _change_type
  NO_CHANGE = 0,
} change_type;

enum button_type

/* Menu separator types.  */

enum menu_separator
  /* These values are Motif compatible.  */

  /* The following are supported by XEmacs' Lucid menus.  */

typedef struct _widget_value
  /* name of widget */
  char*		name;
  /* value (meaning depend on widget type) */
  char*		value;
  /* keyboard equivalent. no implications for XtTranslations */ 
  char*		key;
  /* Help string or null if none.  */
  char		*help;
  /* true if enabled */
  Boolean	enabled;
  /* true if selected */
  Boolean	selected;
  /* true if was edited (maintained by get_value) */
  Boolean	edited;
  /* The type of a button.  */
  enum button_type button_type;
  /* true if has changed (maintained by lw library) */
  change_type	change;
  /* true if this widget itself has changed,
     but not counting the other widgets found in the `next' field.  */
  change_type   this_one_change;
  /* Contents of the sub-widgets, also selected slot for checkbox */
  struct _widget_value*	contents;
  /* data passed to callback */
  XtPointer	call_data;
  /* next one in the list */
  struct _widget_value*	next;
  /* slot for the toolkit dependent part.  Always initialize to NULL. */
  void* toolkit_data;
  /* tell us if we should free the toolkit data slot when freeing the
     widget_value itself. */
  Boolean free_toolkit_data;

  /* we resource the widget_value structures; this points to the next
     one on the free list if this one has been deallocated.
  struct _widget_value *free_list;
} widget_value;

typedef void (*lw_callback) __P ((Widget w, LWLIB_ID id, void* data));

void  lw_register_widget __P ((char* type, char* name, LWLIB_ID id,
			       widget_value* val, lw_callback pre_activate_cb,
			       lw_callback selection_cb,
			       lw_callback post_activate_cb,
			       lw_callback highlight_cb));
Widget lw_get_widget __P ((LWLIB_ID id, Widget parent, Boolean pop_up_p));
Widget lw_make_widget __P ((LWLIB_ID id, Widget parent, Boolean pop_up_p));
Widget lw_create_widget __P ((char* type, char* name, LWLIB_ID id,
			      widget_value* val, Widget parent, Boolean pop_up_p,
			      lw_callback pre_activate_cb,
			      lw_callback selection_cb,
			      lw_callback post_activate_cb,
			      lw_callback highlight_cb));
LWLIB_ID lw_get_widget_id __P ((Widget w));
int lw_modify_all_widgets __P ((LWLIB_ID id, widget_value* val, Boolean deep_p));
void lw_destroy_widget __P ((Widget w));
void lw_destroy_all_widgets __P ((LWLIB_ID id));
void lw_destroy_everything __P ((void));
void lw_destroy_all_pop_ups __P ((void));
Widget lw_raise_all_pop_up_widgets __P ((void));
widget_value* lw_get_all_values __P ((LWLIB_ID id));
Boolean lw_get_some_values __P ((LWLIB_ID id, widget_value* val));
void lw_pop_up_all_widgets __P ((LWLIB_ID id));
void lw_pop_down_all_widgets __P ((LWLIB_ID id));
widget_value *malloc_widget_value ();
void free_widget_value __P ((widget_value *));
void lw_popup_menu __P ((Widget, XEvent *));

/* Toolkit independent way of focusing on a Widget at the Xt level. */
void lw_set_keyboard_focus __P ((Widget parent, Widget w));

/* Silly Energize hack to invert the "sheet" button */
void lw_show_busy __P ((Widget w, Boolean busy));

/* Silly hack to assist with Lucid/Athena geometry management. */
void lw_refigure_widget __P ((Widget w, Boolean doit));

/* Toolkit independent way of determining if an event occurred on a
   menubar. */
Boolean lw_window_is_in_menubar __P ((Window win, Widget menubar_widget));

/* Manage resizing: TRUE permits resizing widget w; FALSE disallows it. */
void lw_allow_resizing __P ((Widget w, Boolean flag));

/* Set up the main window. */
void lw_set_main_areas __P ((Widget parent,
			   Widget menubar,
			   Widget work_area));

/* Value is non-zero if LABEL is a menu separator.  If it is, *TYPE is
   set to an appropriate enumerator of type enum menu_separator.
   MOTIF_P non-zero means map separator types not supported by Motif
   to similar ones that are supported.  */

int lw_separator_p __P ((char *label, enum menu_separator *type,
		    int motif_p));

void lwlib_bcopy __P ((char*, char*, int));

#endif /* LWLIB_H */