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Full commit
2001-10-20  Gerd Moellmann  <>

	* (Version 21.1 released.)

2001-10-11  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* src/macfns.c (x_create_bitmap_from_file, x_find_image_file):
	* src/mac.c (run_mac_command): Update calls to openp.

2001-10-08  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* src/macmenu.c (Fx_popup_menu): Use Fkeymap_prompt.

	* src/macterm.c: Include keymap.h.
	(note_mode_line_highlight): Use KEYMAPP.

2001-10-05  Gerd Moellmann  <>

	* Branch for 21.1.

2001-09-04  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/macmenu.c (mac_menu_show): Use refcon of selected menu item.

	* src/macterm.c (XTread_socket): Read all pending events in the
	event queue instead of one.
	(mac_to_x_fontname): Return name with jisx0201.1976-0 encoding if
	a script code of -smJapanese is specified.
	(x_font_name_to_mac_font_name): Also recognize the jisx0201.1976-0
	(init_font_name_table): Use a script code of -smJapanese instead
	of smRoman for the second entry of a Japanese font.
	(XLoadQueryFont): Recognize a font as having the smRoman script
	code if its encoding is jisx0201.1976-0.

	* makefile.MPW: Generate etc/DOC file from .elc files instead of
	.el files.

	* src/mac.c (stat): Don't fail for aliases.
	(sys_open) [__MRC__]: Set file creator and type for newly-created
	(sleep) [__MRC__]: Place loop around WaitNextEvent to check time
	elapsed instead of use WaitNextEvent call as a delay.

2001-08-24  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/macterm.c (init_font_name_table): Add an additional entry to
	the font table with the script code smRoman for each Apple
	Japanese font.
	(XLoadQueryFont): Recognize a font as having the smRoman script
	code even when FontToScript returns smJapanese if it is one of
	those created above.

2001-08-21  Andrew Choi  <>

	* INSTALL: Add to the note on using -opt speed in MPW the function
	macterm.c (x_draw_hollow_cursor).

	* src/macterm.c (mac_scroll_area): Call CopyBits with local
	coordinates and portBits instead of global coordinates and
	screenBits.  Set fore color and back color to black and white,
	respectively, before calling CopyBits.

	* src/macterm.c (local_to_global_coord): Comment out.

	* src/mac.c (mac-filename-to-unix): Change to
	(unix-filename-to-mac): Change to posix-file-name-to-mac.
	(mac_to_unix_pathname): Change to mac_to_posix_pathname.
	(unix_to_mac_pathname): Change to posix_to_mac_pathname.

	* src/macterm.c (do_ae_open_documents): Change call to
	mac_to_unix_pathname to mac_to_posix_pathname.

2001-07-26  Andrew Choi  <>

	* inc/macterm.h (x_display_list): Declare extern.

2001-07-20  Pavel Jan�k  <>

	* src/macterm.c (xim_open_dpy): Fix typo.

2001-06-26  Andrew Choi  <>

	* README: Change references to SourceForge site to

2001-05-15  Gerd Moellmann  <>

	* src/macterm.c (clear_mouse_face): Check for nil tip_frame.

2001-05-15  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/Emacs.r: Change About box message.

	* makefile.MPW: Add md5.c.x to EmacsObjects.

	* src/mac.c (select): Call WaitNextEvent instead of Delay.
	(pause): Ditto.
	(sleep): Ditto.

	* src/macterm.c (do_app_resume): Set cursor to arrow.
	(clear_mouse_face): check for NIL Lisp object instead of null
	* INSTALL: Delete note on compiling Lisp files on a Unix system.
	Add note on turning off end of line conversion.

2001-02-27  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/macfns.c: Rename everything containing *busy_cursor* and
	similar to *hourglass*.
	(x_set_font): If font hasn't changed, avoid recomputing faces and
	other things, as in xfns.c.
	(Qcancel_timer): New variable.
	(syms_of_macfns): Rename x-busy-pointer-shape to
	x-hourglass-pointer-shape, display-busy-cursor to
	display-hourglass, busy-cursor-delay to hourglass-delay, as in
	(x_set_tool_bar_lines): Modify as in xfns.c
	(x_change_window_heights): New function.

	* inc/macterm.h (struct x_output): Rename busy_cursor to
	hourglass_cursor, busy_window to hourglass_window, busy_p to
	hourglass_p, as in xterm.h.

	* src/macmenu.c (set_frame_menubar): Run activate-menu-bar-hook with
	safe_run_hooks, as in xmenu.c.

	* src/macterm.c (do_check_ram_size): New function.

	* src/Emacs.r: Add ALRT resource #129 for alert when there is over
	256 MB RAM.
2001-02-20  Andrew Choi  <>

	* mac/INSTALL:
	* mac/README:
	* mac/cw5-mcp.xml:
	* mac/cw6-mcp.xml:
	* mac/inc/alloca.h:
	* mac/inc/defs-cw5.h:
	* mac/inc/defs-cw6.h: Added copyright notice.

2001-01-28  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/macterm.c (mac_font_pattern_match): Allocate three more
	bytes to regex for '^', '$', and '\0'.

	* src/macterm.c (x_list_fonts): Protect pattern and newlist from
	garbage collection.
	* src/macfns.c (QCconversion): Replaces QCalgorithm.

	* src/macfns.c (image_ascent, lookup_image): Adapt to change of
	image margins.

	* src/macterm.c (x_produce_image_glyph, x_draw_image_foreground)
	(x_draw_image_relief, x_draw_image_foreground_1)
	(x_draw_image_glyph_string): Adapt to change of image margins.

	* src/macterm.c (mac_to_x_fontname): Change charset name of
	Simplify Chinese fonts from gb2312 to gb2312.1980 and Korean fonts
	from ksc5601 to ksc5601.1989.
2000-12-12  Andrew Choi  <>

	* cw5-mcp.xml: add md5.c to project.

	* cw6-mcp.xml: add md5.c to project.

	* src/macfns.c (x_create_tip_frame, Fx_hide_tip): change to handle
	Lisp_Object type tip_frame (was struct frame *) as in xfns.c.

2000-11-26  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/macterm.c (x_handle_tool_bar_click):
	(note_tool_bar_highlight): change references to members deleted
	from struct frame as in xterm.c.

	* inc/epaths.h: set PATH_EXEC to ~emacs/mac instead of

2000-10-25  Andrew Choi  <>

	* cw5-mcp.xml: renamed from emacs-cw5.mcp.xml.

	* cw6-mcp.xml: renamed from emacs-cw6.mcp.xml.

	* inc/defs-cw5.h: renamed from inc/cmdline-defs-cw5.h.

	* inc/defs-cw6.h: renamed from inc/cmdline-defs-cw6.h.

2000-10-24  Andrew Choi  <>

	* src/macterm.c (XTread_socket): check whether Lisp variable
	mac-ready-for-drag-n-drop is bound rather than non-nil value.

2000-10-20  Andrew Choi  <>

	* INSTALL: New file.

	* README: New file.

	* TODO: New file.

	* emacs-cw5.mcp.xml: New file.

	* emacs-cw6.mcp.xml: New file.

	* makefile.MPW: New file.

	* inc/alloca.h: New file.

	* inc/cmdline-defs-cw5.h: New file.

	* inc/cmdline-defs-cw6.h: New file.

	* inc/config.h: New file.

	* inc/dirent.h: New file.

	* inc/epaths.h: New file.

	* inc/m-mac.h: New file.

	* inc/macgui.h: New file.

	* inc/macterm.h: New file.

	* inc/pwd.h: New file.

	* inc/s-mac.h: New file.

	* inc/termio.h: New file.

	* inc/utime.h: New file.

	* inc/utsname.h: New file.

	* inc/sys/file.h: New file.

	* inc/sys/ioctl.h: New file.

	* inc/sys/param.h: New file.

	* inc/sys/stat.h: New file.

	* inc/sys/time.h: New file.

	* inc/sys/types.h: New file.

	* src/Emacs.r: New file.

	* src/EmacsMPW.r: New file.

	* src/chdir.c: New file.
	* src/mac.c: New file.

	* src/macfns.c: New file.

	* src/macmenu.c: New file.

	* src/macterm.c: New file.

    Copyright (C) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
  are permitted provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved.