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* BUILDING EMACS ON THE MAC OS     -*- outline -*-

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You can use either Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 5 or 6 or MPW-GM
(Aug. 2000) to build Emacs.  MPW-GM can be downloaded free of charge
from Apple at

You will need MPW-GM to build the make-docfile utility and to generate
the doc string file DOC.

To decompress files, you can use MacGzip from

and to untar them, you can use tar 4.0 from

(Optional) If you wish to fetch files from the Emacs CVS repository
directly to your Mac, you can use the CVS client MacCVS, which can be
downloaded from

(Optional) A subset of the fonts from the GNU intlfonts-1.2
distribution converted to NFNT format can be obtained from

### IMPORTANT ### If you use StuffIf Expander to decompress and untar
the distribution, you *must* set the radio button in the
Preferences->Cross Platform->Convert text files to Macintosh format to
"Never".  Otherwise the compiled Lisp files will be corrupted.


To build Emacs in the MPW Shell, simply set the directory to
...:emacs:mac: and build the target Emacs of the make file
makefile.mpw.  I.e., execute the commands

  make Emacs -f makefile.MPW > Emacs.MakeScript

To build Emacs using CodeWarrior, start up the CodeWarrior IDE, choose
File->Import Project...  and select the file cw5-mcp.xml or
cw6-mcp.xml, depending on which verison of CodeWarrior used.  When
prompted to save the project, navigate to same directory as the file
cw[56]-mcp.xml, name it emacs-cw5.mcp or emacs-cw6.mcp, and save it
there.  Then choose Project->Make.  Note that this does not build the
DOC file.  To do so, use MPW and build the target "Doc" in

Once built, the Emacs application (Emacs CW or Emacs MPW) can be
launched where it is created.

To build an optimized version of Emacs in CodeWarrior, change the
value in the Emacs Settings->Code Generation->Global Optimization
dialog.  To build a version for profiling, check the Profiler
Information box in the Emacs Settings->Code Generation->PPC Processor
dialog and include the Profiler PPC.Lib library.

To build optimized or debugging version of Emacs in MPW, follow the
comment in makefile.MPW to enable the -opt speed or -sym on option
(see note below).


Emacs should build and run on a PowerMac running Mac OS 8.1 - 9.0.

You will need around 100 MB of disk space for the source files and
intermediate files.

It will not run on machines with more than 256 MB of physical or
virtual memory.

Currently there is no support for building the LEIM directory on the
Mac.  However, it can be built on another platform and transferred to
the Mac.

When Emacs is built with "-opt speed" enabled in makefile.MPW,
optimization causes the functions reset_buffer_local_variables in
buffer.c, syms_of_lread in lread.c, and x_draw_hollow_cursor in
macterm.c to crash.  Avoid this by enclosing them in the following

  #pragma options opt off

  <function definition...>

  #pragma options opt reset

To use the same icon as when Emacs is built on Windows NT, define
GNU_ICON in mac/src/Emacs.r.