emacs / lib-src / digest-doc.c

/* Give this program as standard input
   and it outputs to standard output
   a file of nroff output containing the doc strings.

   See also sorted-doc.c, which produces similar output
   but in texinfo format and sorted by function/variable name.  */

#include <stdio.h>

main ()
  register int ch;
  register int notfirst = 0;

  printf (".TL\n");
  printf ("Command Summary for GNU Emacs\n");
  printf (".AU\nRichard M. Stallman\n");
  while ((ch = getchar ()) != EOF)
      if (ch == '\037')
	  if (notfirst)
	    printf ("\n.DE");
	    notfirst = 1;

	  printf ("\n.SH\n");

	  ch = getchar ();
	  printf (ch == 'F' ? "Function " : "Variable ");

	  while ((ch = getchar ()) != '\n')  /* Changed this line */
	      if (ch != EOF)
		  putchar (ch);
		  ungetc (ch, stdin);
	  printf ("\n.DS L\n");
	putchar (ch);
  return 0;
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