emacs / lispref / =buffer-local.texi

@c -*-texinfo-*-
@setfilename ../info/locals
@node Standard Buffer-Local Variables, Standard Keymaps, Standard Errors, Top
@appendix Standard Buffer-Local Variables

  The table below shows all of the variables that are automatically
local (when set) in each buffer in Emacs Version 18 with the common
packages loaded.

@table @code
@item abbrev-mode

@item auto-fill-function
@xref{Auto Filling}.

@item buffer-auto-save-file-name

@item buffer-backed-up
@xref{Backup Files}.

@item buffer-display-table
@xref{Active Display Table}.

@item buffer-file-name
@xref{Buffer File Name}.

@item buffer-file-truename
@xref{Buffer File Name}.

@item buffer-read-only
@xref{Read Only Buffers}.

@item buffer-saved-size

@item case-fold-search
@xref{Searching and Case}.

@item ctl-arrow
@xref{Control Char Display}.

@item default-directory
@xref{System Environment}.

@item fill-column
@xref{Auto Filling}.

@item left-margin

@item list-buffers-directory
@xref{Buffer File Name}.

@item local-abbrev-table

@item major-mode
@xref{Mode Help}.

@item mark-ring
@xref{The Mark}.

@item minor-modes
@xref{Minor Modes}.

@item mode-name
@xref{Mode Line Variables}.

@item overwrite-mode

@item paragraph-separate
@xref{Standard Regexps}.

@item paragraph-start
@xref{Standard Regexps}.

@item require-final-newline

@item selective-display
@xref{Selective Display}.

@item selective-display-ellipses
@xref{Selective Display}.

@item tab-width
@xref{Control Char Display}.

@item truncate-lines
@end table
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