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  2. emacs


emacs / lispref / index.perm

@setfilename ../info/index

@c Indexing guidelines

@c I assume that all indexes will be combinded.
@c Therefore, if a generated findex and permutations
@c cover the ways an index user would look up the entry,
@c then no cindex is added.
@c Concept index (cindex) entries will also be permuted.  Therefore, they
@c have no commas and few irrelevant connectives in them.

@c I tried to include words in a cindex that give the context of the entry,
@c particularly if there is more than one entry for the same concept.
@c For example, "nil in keymap"
@c Similarly for explicit findex and vindex entries, e.g., "print example".

@c Error codes are given cindex entries, e.g., "end-of-file error".

@c pindex is used for .el files and Unix programs

@node Index, New Symbols, Standard Hooks, Top
@unnumbered Index

All variables, functions, keys, programs, files, and concepts are
in this one index.  

All names and concepts are permuted, so they appear several times, one
for each permutation of the parts of the name.  For example,
@code{function-name} would appear as @b{function-name} and @b{name,

@c Print the indices

@printindex fn