emacs / lwlib / lwlib-int.h


#include "lwlib.h"

extern char *strdup (const char *);
extern int strcasecmp (const char *, const char *);
extern char *safe_strdup ();

typedef struct _widget_instance
  Widget		widget;
  Widget		parent;
  Boolean		pop_up_p;
  struct _widget_info*		info;
  struct _widget_instance*	next;
} widget_instance;

typedef struct _widget_info
  char*			type;
  char*			name;
  LWLIB_ID		id;
  widget_value*		val;
  Boolean		busy;
  lw_callback		pre_activate_cb;
  lw_callback		selection_cb;
  lw_callback		post_activate_cb;
  struct _widget_instance*	instances;
  struct _widget_info*		next;
} widget_info;

typedef Widget
(*widget_creation_function) ();

typedef struct _widget_creation_entry
  char*				type;
  widget_creation_function	function;
} widget_creation_entry;

/* update all other instances of a widget.  Can be used in a callback when
   a widget has been used by the user */
lw_internal_update_other_instances ();

/* get the widget_value for a widget in a given instance */
lw_get_widget_value_for_widget ();

widget_info *lw_get_widget_info ();

#endif /* LWLIB_INTERNAL_H */