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emacs / oldXMenu / README

Most of the files in this directory are originally from the X11R2
XMenu library, distributed by MIT under the terms in the file copyright.h.

As of Release 2 of the X Window System, Version 11 from MIT, the XMenu
library is no longer supported.  It is not used in any software
supplied by MIT and its use is not encouraged.

In X11R1, oldXMenu/ was found in the lib/ directory of the X11 source;
but in X11R2 it was moved to contrib/.

The following files are from the X11 oldXMenu/ directory:

 Activate.c AddPane.c AddSel.c ChgPane.c ChgSel.c Create.c DelPane.c
 DelSel.c Destroy.c Error.c EvHand.c FindPane.c FindSel.c InsPane.c
 InsSel.c Internal.c Locate.c Post.c Recomp.c SetAEQ.c SetFrz.c
 SetPane.c SetSel.c XMenu.h XMenuInt.h (renamed from "XMenuInternal.h")

The following files are from the X11 oldX/ directory:

 X10.h XCrAssoc.c XDelAssoc.c XDestAssoc.c XLookAssoc.c XMakeAssoc.c

This code is used by Emacs in the absence of an X-toolkit.