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Basic Installation for  An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp  version 2

    # To see the table of contents of the emacs-lisp-intro-2.00.tar.gz
    # file, execute the following at your shell prompt:

    tar -tzvf emacs-lisp-intro-2.00.tar.gz

    # To uncompress and untar the file, execute the following:

    tar -xzvf emacs-lisp-intro-2.00.tar.gz

    # The file will untar into a subdirectory called emacs-lisp-intro-2.00
    # That directory will contain the Texinfo source for the book, the
    # Info files and various other files.

    cd emacs-lisp-intro-2.00

    # To create a DVI file that can be printed directly or converted
    # to PostScript or PDF and then printed, execute the following:

    make dvi

    # To create an HTML file, execute the following
    #   (presumably you have already executed the `./configure' command
    #    before running `make dvi'; if not execute `./configure' now);
    # this will place HTML files into a emacs-lisp-intro/ subdirectory:

    makeinfo --html --verbose emacs-lisp-intro.texi

    # To create a single, large HTML file in the current directory,
    # use the --no-split option, like this:

    makeinfo --html --no-split --verbose emacs-lisp-intro.texi

        # At the time of writing, `makeinfo' version 4.0b creates HTML
        # files with %20 in addresses instead of a space.  Some
        # browsers have difficulty following such references.  In
        # GNU Emacs, you can replace the occurrences of %20 with a
        # command such as
        #              (replace-string "%20" " ")

    # To create a single, large Info file in the current directory
    # instead of the usual 16 smaller Info files, and also, to avoid
    # indenting paragraphs, execute:

    makeinfo --no-split --paragraph-indent=0 --verbose emacs-lisp-intro.texi

    # To create a single, large Plain text file in the current
    # directory, execute:

    makeinfo --fill-column=70 --no-split --paragraph-indent=0 \
    --verbose --no-headers --output=emacs-lisp-intro.txt emacs-lisp-intro.texi