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This directory contains scripts and other things useful for developing
and maintaining Emacs.  These files are not part of Emacs releases
because they are not deemed generally useful, and you have to know
what you do when using them.

Brief description of scripts found here:

admin.el		utilities for setting version numbers and alike
alloc-color.c		a utility program that allocates a given number of
			colors on X.  Can be used to debug Emacs with
			dense colormaps (PseudoColor).
build-configs		build Emacs in various configurations
check-doc-strings	check doc strings against documentation
cus-test.el		tests for custom types and load problems
diff-tar-files		show files added/removed between two tar files
make-emacs		build Emacs in various ways
make-tarball.txt	instructions to create pretest or release tarballs
quick-install-emacs	install emacs quickly (`incrementally')
revdiff			get CVS diffs of files

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