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Welcome to the md wiki.

What is md?

md is a maildir client. It's a purely command line abstraction of useful things that you might do with a maildir.

Things that md can do:

  • list a folder with a parseable output (by sed/awk or as json)
  • present the structure of a mail message as json
  • present mails, wholly or by part
  • delete mails
  • be very easily scripted

The idea behind md is similar to that of MH: build a tool for manipulating mail. Unfortunately MH is not the best fit for maildirs, which are the best mail storage medium of the modern day.

md is intended to support an array of different user interfaces. In order I hope there will be:

  • an emacs interface
    • I am working on one now
  • a web interface
    • this is why md outputs json structures
  • a gui interface
    • maybe this just picks up from the web interface by embedding a browser gui
  • console type interfaces

There are lots of other conceivable interfaces of course. How about a vi interface?