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use hg.clone to clone

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 from mercurial.i18n import _
 from mercurial import hg, dispatch, re, util
-import shlex, subprocess, os
+import subprocess, os
 def subrepo(ui, repo, **opts):
     '''allows for easy(er) management of mutiple subrepositories at once
 def recloneSubrepo(ui, local, remote):
     # todo: clone at the revision specified in .hgsubstate?
     ui.status("* " + local + " is missing, recloning...\n");
-    args = shlex.split("clone "+remote+" "+local)
-    dispatch._runcatch(ui, args)
+    hg.clone(ui, remote, dest=local)
 # Macro extension meta-data
 cmdtable = {