== Manifesto ==

libretweet is a twitter client, taking its inspiration from mail clients.

While twitter is usually used within very dynamic and volatile frameworks,
we will be focusing on static properties, and persistence.
Ideally, we would like to store on disk most of the retrieved data for later
use and possibly searches and filtering. We are also interested in marking
tweets as read or unread, similarly as mail clients.

The main goal is to try to provide an application able to filter and sort
tweets to allow the end-user to use twitter as a real information source,
instead of simply using it as a fancy procrastination tool.
Following trends and gathering statistics for certain timelines and topics
seems important to us, for efficient technology watch.

* We are more interested in functionalities and extendability than in eye candy.
* If the "realtime" factor of twitter must be reduced to allow easier analysis,
  we will not hesitate.
* Very little time to nil will be used on Usability, Accessibility or
  Localization during the first iterations, and we will consider investing time
  in those later.

== Current status ==

Very simple features, dummy data for dummy views.
Giving a small pinch on a direction, and another one in that other direction:
still trying to refine the set of features we'll eventually want in.

== Contributing ==

libretweet is for now a one-man project. But I love receiving patches :)
I welcome warmly suggestions, if they come along with patches, or patch drafts.
Please reach for me at <nicdumz@gmail>.

If some UI or Localization gurus read those lines: I have very little awareness
and experience in those topics. I am very interested in delegating parts of the
development to more-experienced-than-me folks. (:

Have a look at TODO for what I am intending to develop in the near future.

== Licenses ==

libretweet distributes its lightweight dependencies along:
 - gtkmvc, primarily developed by Roberto Cavada, is available under
   LGPLv2 or later.
 - python-twitter is copyright DeWitt Clinton and available under the
   Apache License.

This code is made available under MIT License and is copyright Nicolas Dumazet.