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Actually, setuptools is required.

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 since 2.7 version provides the best migration path to supporting Python3.
 The primary interface for building and installing is `Setuptools`_. For
-example, ``python install``. This is an illusion though,
-``setuptools`` is *NOT* required because `Paver`_ is used instead and it
-provides the common ```` interface that everyone knows and loves. In
-addition, ``Paver`` itself is not required for building/installing, only when
-doing development on eyeD3 itself.
+example, ``python install``. 
-eyeD3 has NO hard dependencies other than Python itself but it may take
+eyeD3 has NO hard dependencies other than Python and setuptools but it may take
 advantage of other packages if they are available.
 .. _setuptools: